Bozzetto non troppo

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Bozzetto non troppo

Bozzetto non troppo

Bozzetto non troppo

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Bozzetto non troppo

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Bruno Bozzetto








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At the start there is a blank page. Then a hand and a pencil. At the end there is a quite ordinary man; even his name is ordinary: Rossi. But it is as though we were meeting him for the first time, as though it were a novelty. This is one of cinema’s capacities: to make us see everyday things, places, and faces as we have never seen them before. The protagonist of this story has done this for over fifty years. He has done it in more than three hundred full-length and short films, and works for television and the web. He still does it, followed by millions of people throughout the world. He has been awarded a Golden Bear, an Academy Award nomination, and prizes and tributes from all parts. He is considered worldwide a genius of animated films. His name stands together with those of Miyazaki, John Lasseter of Pixar, Nick Park, and Matt Groening of The Simpsons (and some of these admit they have been influenced by him). He is wary of awards and fame, and for this reason too we are surprised each time to discover just what a master he is. At other times he is simply defined “a myth.” He is Italian and his name is Bruno Bozzetto. This film recounts for the first time what is behind, before, in the pockets, and inside this myth.

Bruno Bozzetto taught me how to mix the world of reality with that of fantasy, something which has so far characterized my style. By starting with his life, we have made the film a kind of animated transfiguration of reality, underlining in this way the happy lack of boundaries between creation and everyday life that regulates his way of living. Bozzetto seems like one of his famous, ironic, and stylized cartoon heroes, and acts his own part immersed in a background similar to one of his legendary films. I hope that in this way I have managed to capture something that goes far beyond a simple documentary record of reality, and that I have come close to the intimate truth of the man and genius Bozzetto.