Sweet Democracy (first feature)

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Sweet Democracy

Sweet Democracy

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Sweet Democracy

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Adam Coretti is an anglo-italian, worldwide famous journalist. The pillars of his career are inflexibility and integrity. For these reasons people in power fear him. To agree on an interview with him is, for a politician or a lobbyist, a statement of honesty. However everyone is aware that being interviewed by him could also provoke unexpected and dramatic consequences.
Someone who is well aware of it is Ludovico, the middle man of the Italian Prime Minister who Adam Coretti wants to interview. The prime minister is living a very delicate moment. He is losing people’s support and all the surveys on him are quite negative. Therefore he is forced to accept the interview.
The interview is the core of the movie and is a proper match in which all the key themes of the film are discussed: speculative finance, which has put politic aside, limitation of freedom of speech and expression.
The character of the president is a sum up of many negative aspects that are part of the Italian politics. However is not inspired by a living person. The movie can de described as a dark comedy in which weaknesses of the Italian and European society lay bare.
Sweet Democracy represents the urge to understand how cinema is nowadays actually free to tell some inconvenient truths, both in Italy and Europe.
For this reason the movie has been built on two different styles, fiction and documentary. These different ways of narration made possibile to get involved Dario Fo, the only actor to have won the Nobel Prize and Renato Scarpa famous character actor. In the movie there is also a small cameo of the producer, Donald Ranvaud along with a cast of young actors and the director himself.