I'm – Endless like the Space

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I'm – Endless like the Space (I'm – Infinita come lo spazio)

I'm – Endless like the Space (I'm – Infinita come lo spazio)

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I'm – Infinita come lo spazio


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Peter Spilles & Project Pitchfork


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3D - colour

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I'm - Endless Like the Space is a fantasy drama made with a unique experimental use of live action 3-D. It's the story of Jessica, a 17-year-old girl who lives in a strange world, a place that could be our world in the near future, perhaps, or in an alternate dimension. The point being that, whatever the nature of her world may be, Jessica's problems are the very same as they are in our world. Above all, the fear of a scary future haunts Jessica and seems to worry everybody around her as well, with the only escape appearing to be "like the other people". But Jessica's different: she has a dream and she has talent, yet her world rejects those who try to change the world and better their lives. All the isolation and bullying will have an unexpected impact on the situation, until a very shocking turning point of the story. All the way up to a shocking denouement.