Queen Kong

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Queen Kong

original title:

Queen Kong

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Paola Freddi, Fabio Gervasio

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Ready (15/02/2016)

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Behind a tree at the bottom of a garden, a smartly-dressed man and woman are trying to have sex. In the distance is the music of a party. But despite her provocative beauty, he can't get an erection, and the persistent ringing of his phone breaks the mood.
Irritated, she is heading off back towards the party when she abruptly disappears into the woods.
Listlessly, he follows.
The forest is dark and, as he pushes his way through the dense undergrowth, calling her name, he stumbles. When he climbs to his feet he finds before him not his lover but Queen Kong. He tries to escape, but Queen Kong has no intention of letting the terrified man go until she has had her way with him.

When I started writing the short film Queen Kong for the Le Ragazze Del Porno project- a group of Italian female directors exploring the art of sexuality and pornography in film - I realized that the main character in my script (therefore me) was a man, and that the main female character was an animal.
The envy of the penis as fear of and disgust at the vagina is a fascinating subject, and a feeling commonly shared by girls. If making (and watching) movies is also a way of facing fears and of controlling fantasies, then Queen Kong may prove to be a very liberating movie for some. It’s a film about the sexual awakening of both a woman and a man. A kind of spiritual journey - just as sex can be when it is experienced to the full.