The Special Chair

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original title:

La sedia di cartone

directed by:


Jeoffrey Njoroge, Teresa Wanjiku, Timothy Kiragu, David Mukiri, Anthony Kivuva, Samuel Kariuki


Luca Ramigni




Videozuma, Fondazione Fontana Onlus, St. Martin CSA





film run:



HD - colour


Ready (01/06/2015)

festivals & awards:

  • CineChildren International Film Festival 2016: Best Soundtrack, Best Documentary Short
  • Festival di Cinema Africano d'Asia e d'America Latina 2016: Competition Extr'A
  • Valdarno Cinema Fedic 2016: Competition
  • Cortocircuito - Savigliano Film Festival 2016: Competition
  • Festival Inclus 2015: Documental - Best Documentary
  • AS Film Festival 2015: Punti di vista - Special Mention
  • I 400 Corti - Palestrina FilmFest 2015: Special Mention
  • Premio Marcellino de Baggis - Festival Internazionale di Cinema Documentario 2015: Prize Touring Club Italiano
  • Catone Film Festival - CFF 2015: Cortometraggi - Special Mention
  • Provo.Corto - Gargano FilmFest 2015: Cortometraggi - Best Documentary Short
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero2015: Selezione ufficiale - Prize "Nassino"
  • International Short Film Festival - Taranto in Short2015: Competition Una Finestra Sul Sociale - Special Mention
  • Siloe Film Festival 2015: Competition - Best Documentary
  • L'Anello Debole 2015: Cortometraggi della Realtà - Special Mention
  • Corto Dorico 2015: Premio Amnesty International Italia
  • Wag Film Festival 2015: Sguardi d'Autore
  • Festival Nazionale Roma Filmcorto 2015: Percorsi Visivi
  • Szczecin European Film Festival 2015: The European Competition
  • Visioni Corte - Rassegna Internazionale del Cortometraggio Indipendente 2015: Visioni Sociali
  • Filmski Festival o Osobama sa Invaliditetom 2015: Official Selection
  • Kecorto - Festival del Cortometraggio Documentario 2015
  • Premio Cinematografico Palena 2015: Competition
  • Lago Film Fest 2015
  • Roma Cinemadoc 2015: Italian documentary
  • Los Angeles Cinefest 2015: Doc

Using any tool is specialized production used by a disabled person to relieve his handicap. Jeoffrey is an African baby who can not move independently and needs specialist equipment. How can it be ensured in a rural town in Kenya where they lack basic services? The cardboard chair answers this question with a unique experience: to Jeoffrey, as well as for other children, aids are built using simple materials such as recycled cardboard. Jeoffrey does not move, it is not able to support the head and communicates his desires attracting attention with mourning or smiles stunted. He spends his days on the couch, lying or sitting on the corner, where the mother takes care of him, creating a kind of nest with blankets. His severely disabling disease not allow him to achieve any degree of autonomy. For this the use of an assistive becomes very important in order to maintain a correct posture, thus avoiding the onset of other deformations and to participate in social life of his family.