1200 km di bellezza

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1200 km di bellezza

1200 km di bellezza

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1200 km di bellezza

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Ready (11/05/2016)

Twelve hundred kilometers is length of Italy, from the mountains of the North to the South Sea; from the white of the snow to the blue of the sea. The film starts from the South, landing of people who continue to reach Italy, with the eyes of whom is in search of a better destiny, a search between hope and tragedy, as is still documented in the news. A look at the Italy as it was in the past, showing the expectation and the premises of a future, a return to Beauty. The film is a trip to the peninsula made especially with the documents of the Istituto Luce, in whose archives appears an Italy from the early twentieth century, a long journey up to years close to ours. An articulated Italy, made up of different forms of Beauty, in a territory that has particular characteristics for each region, from Valle d'Aosta and Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Tuscany to Lazio, from Lombardy to Liguria, from Campania to Sicily and its islands; and so on. Twenty regions. The history of the territory, of the its landscape, life of its people and art have always been mixed. The spectacle of nature intertwines with the spectacle of Italian work and creativity, open to the world, loved and visited by the world. The film tells this Italy. Scenarios, art, work, landscapes, culture, shows, great people.