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Kiné, Kloos





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Ready (11/05/2016)

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It all started with a caravan and a big top. Under the big top men and animals share their uncertain and laborious destinies. We are talking about the most ancient show: the circus. And circus means Togni, one of the most important and log-lived dynasties in Europe. Through the unique footage of the personal archive of the family (from 8mm and Super8 to VHS and Mini DVD) Circle draws a circular tale, like the arena of the wild beasts and the seasons of life. A fairy tale in reverse that has as protagonists a tamer in a cage and dancer on a horse. A legendary love story the one between Darix and Fiorenza, able to cause a valorous stock. From the epic of the post war period, with the cir- cus making landfall in Egypt like a newly Noah’s Ark, to the successes of the economical boom, that culminates with the stoke in Milan. From the elegy for the fall of the forefather Darix to the doubts for the succession to the throne, from the tragedy for the the death of the daughter Danila to the second-birth under the lights of Montecarlo guided by Livio and Davio. Circle, an heroic and exhausting journey through cities and continents, triumphs and falls, that ferries the long procession of travellers from a mythical past to a difficult present, through an uncertain future. A risky route marked by doubts: The Circus, dream or utopia? And its survival, an obligation or recklessness?