I sommersi

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I sommersi

I sommersi

I sommersi

original title:

I sommersi

directed by:


Lodovico, Caterina, Filippo, Gianni De Luigi







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Ready (12/05/2016)

Ludovico, a painter, is to have an anthological retrospective organise by an important Venetian foundation. The artist is approaching his eighties and the whole city is invited to participate in this endeavour! Ludovico – Lollo to friends – calls on his siblings Filippo Giovanni and Caterina to contribute. This simple request triggers a series of refusals and hesitations and revives old and painful family dynamics. Old dynamics of a family who seems to express its conflicts through artistic allegiances. The differences between the siblings are also expressed thus. The De Luigi family echoes venice in all its moods and waves.
The lagoon surrounding Venice brings to life their own particular and slightly egocentric viewpoint on the world around them. The lagoon represents the placenta which nourishes and contains them. However, it also serves to isolate and – by limiting their perspective – exile them from the rest of the world. The artistic life of the city of Venice, with its melancholic air and the iconic images that pervade it echoes and conveys the intimate lives and relationships of the four De Luigi siblings.

Director’s notes: My aim is to highlight how the relationship with Art for Artists, those who create art for a living and live through Art differs from the relationship mere spectators have with Art. A unique setting such as the ancient city of Venice offers an unparallelled opportunity to contemplate the universal themes of life, arr, memory, and aging within this film.