Bosnia Express

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Bosnia Express

Bosnia Express

original title:

Bosnia Express

directed by:


Armin Karalic

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film run:

52' - 70'



release date:


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The tension is extreme in this area of the planet. Diversities are many, pressure here has a destructive potential. But not always.Yet tension can be creative, it can be both destructive and creative. This is the reason why every writer who travels through this place is fascinated by the power of these lands and these peoples. The Author doesn't want to just get off the train and then on again, he wants to carry a memory and a hope. Not only a memory, and not only a hope. Maybe it is possible to coexist with a past without giving up one’s visions. Maybe it is possible to harbor a hope without disconnecting from the past. A train passes slow across the heart of the Balcans. This is a train that has a lot to tell.