Lombardia Film Commission

Lombardia Film Commission

address:Via Bergamo, 7
IT-20032 Cormani (MI)
tel:+39 02 89410090

Who we are and what we do
Lombardia Film Commission is a non-profit foundation set up by Regione Lombardia, Comune di Milano, Fondazione Cariplo, Lombardy Chambers of Commerce Union and Fondazione Fiera Milano.
Our primary responsibility is to promote the territory of Lombardy to the audiovisual show business, offering free help to the productions companies for the realization of films, episodic television, commercials, documentaries and short films.
Through our institutional activity and collaborating with local officials, public and private institutions, we foster the understanding of the precious cultural, environmental and productive heritage of Lombardy, aiming at attracting on our territory an ever-increasing number of audiovisual projects.

Film production services
Lombardy and the Province of Milan in particular constitute one of the most important European centres for television industry, advertising production, post-production and multimedia.
Lombardia Film Commission works as a link between the production companies and the service industry, giving information about the opportunities offered by Lombard firms and territory.
We offer a whole series of completely free services, such as:
• free use of central offices in Milan Offices in the centre of Milan and in Cologno Monzese (near television companies area) are at free disposal of the production companies coming to film in Lombardy. During your local filming you can rent for free a furnished 600 m2 wide area with wireless internet, and use it as your temporary premises.
• locations database and location scouting service The Film Commission provides information, data, maps, weather reports and more than 25.000 photos of regional locations. All the material is at the production companies’ disposal and is regularly updated. The Film Commission can also make a scouting activity on demand in order to find the locations that prefectly meet your requirements.
• permissions and institutional relations Lombardia Film Commission helps you obtain all the necessary permissions for your shooting.

Among others, we can deal with:
• occupation of the public property and closing of streets
• local policemen’s supervision
• Police and Fire Brigade’s authorizations
• Monuments and Fine Arts Offices’ authorizations
• relations with National Railways, North Milan Railways, airports
• local authorities (Provinces, Municipalities...) and with all the other institutions on our territory (Local Unions, National and Regional Parks...) that can be useful for the production.

• accommodation.
We help you find the best accommodation, agreeing upon special prices with hotels
• database of professionals
Through our Film Commission you can obtain addresses and references of qualified societies and professionals working on our territory in order to meet all of your requirements.
• post-production
free disposal of a Final Cut workstation, with a dedicated person for assistance
• customized assistance
We try our best to meet all your possible production needs and to offer a customized assistance to any of your requirements.

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