Film Commission Regione Campania

Film Commission Regione Campania

address:Calata Trinità Maggiore, 53 - IT-80132 Napoli
tel:+39 081 4206071
fax:+39 081 7904221

Set up in 2005 by the Campania Regional Government, in just over one year the Naples based Film Commission has served more than 50 international production companies, raised more than 900,000 euro for independent films and television drama, scouted hundreds of locations, networked a multitude of business and professionals based in Campania and set up a 60,000 euro fund to finance three topical documentary films shot in the region.

From the very start the FCRC has been firmly committed to promoting independent Neapolitan producers and film-makers whose work is screened at major international film festivals, but also yields box office success. From development through to promotion, the FCRC is proud to support this vibrant and promising film-making community.

Thanks to the FCRC, market leaders in television drama production such as Rizzoli Audiovisivi, Lux Vide and Titanus have found in Campania spectacular sceneries and historic settings. Over the past year, twelve-part tv series “Capri” and costume drama “Assunta Spina” were entirely shot on location in Campania. The Royal Palace of Caserta provided settings for Lux Vide’s biopic on Pope John Paul II and the historic drama “I Mille” (Cosmo Production). More than 50 weeks of location shooting were made possible by a support network of local authorities and government bodies developed by the FCRC.

The FCRC believes in stimulating innovative film-making practice, especially in the fields of documentary multimedia production and animation. Forty five production companies entered as many original film projects in the “Histories from Campania Award” calls for proposals. The three winners will each receive a grant totalling 20.000 euro. Several more projects have benefited from the FCRC’s logistic and organizational backing as well as from its fundraising initiatives. With “The Little Prince of Sansereno”, produced by Tilapia and Rai Fiction, the FCRC will also lend its support to the making of the first TV cartoon series to be made in Campania.

Promoting young talent and making Campania part of an international network in which professional contacts, knowledge, resources and experiences may be shared, is one of the FCRC’s strategic aims. Hence the support for the local film festival circuit and the development of seminars, conferences, workshops and events in collaboration with organisations such as Doc/it, FERT – Antenna Media and Sources 2. In partnership with the Sociology Department of the University of Naples, Rai Sat and the Rai Production Centre in Naples, the FCRC has developed M.U.S.A a Masters in Audiovisual Writing. The launch of the Vittorio Mezzogiorno Award for emerging young actors marks the beginning of a collaboration with the actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno, who will work alongside the FCRC to publicise the image of Naples and Campania internationally.

The historic centre of Naples, the magnificent Royal Palace of Caserta, the beauty and glamour of Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, the islands of Ischia and Capri. Few places in the world can boast such an impressive array of unique locations for films as diverse as Paolo Sorrentino’s “L’amico di famiglia” and “Mission Impossible 3”. Campania has even more to offer: undiscovered areas like Cilento, Irpinia and Sannio. In fact, Sannio inspired one of the most original works currently in production, artist Mimmo Palladino’s film “Quijote”. Also in Sannio, the village of Sant’Agata de’Goti, provided exteriors for the historic drama “I Mille”. For the magic of its landscape and its uncontaminated medieval villages, Sannio is among the most attractive and easily accessible locations in the region.

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  • The Last Days of Humanity by Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo

  • Procida by Cecilia Catani, Giorgia Ciraolo, Enrica Daniele, Valentina Esposito, Dario Fusco, Angela Giordano, Simone Grieco, Rebecca Gugliara, Ernesto Raimondi, Giorgia Ricciardiello, Nina Rossano, Lucia Senatore

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  • Z.O. by Loris G. Nese

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