Film Commission Vallée D'Aoste

Film Commission Vallée D'Aoste

address:Via Croce di Città 18
IT-11100 Aosta
tel:+ 39 0165 261790

The Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste is a non-profit Foundation established by Regional Law n°36, 9 November 2010. It embodies the will of the Regional Government to support and develop the movie and audiovisual industry to promote the area and to foster local entrepreneurship and employment.
The objectives of the Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste additionally include training, coordinating exhibitions in the movie domain and protecting and promoting the local audiovisual assets and patronage.

Objectives of the Vallée d’Aoste Film Commission:
• To promote and enhance the cultural, environmental, tourist, rural, historic and ethonographic assets of the Aosta Valley in a sustainable and qualitative way;
• To promote and develop the professional, technical and artistic talents that are present in the region;
• To promote and support the production of movie, television and audiovisual works locally;
• To attract national and international movie and audiovisual media, with a particular focus on French-speaking productions;
• To develop an industry-specific infrastructure in order to foster entrepreneurship, with a specific focus on youth and employment;
• To foster the understanding and dissemination of a movie, television and audiovisual culture through study and research;
• To support the distribution of movie and audiovisual productions related to the Aosta Valley by providing access to film circuits and participating in events, festivals and other promotional initiatives;
• To support and attract high-quality events with a strong cultural and social interest connected to the local environment;
• To acquire and preserve the film assets concerning the Aosta Valley with a specific reference to works of natural, ehthnographic, historical and cultural interest , for cultural and educational purposes;
• To finance and promote, also through the input of ideas at the conception stage, the distribution and creation of films, television or audio-visual works concerning the Aosta Valley, mountain culture and the world of mountaineering;
• To support movie, television and audiovisual production in French with the objective of reinforcing multilingual communication through modern media.

In accordance with the objectives indicated in its statute, the activities of the Vallée d’Aoste Film Commission Foundation include four elements:
• Production Support. Activities include supplying services and support to all productions interested in shooting in the region, as well as providing financial support to projects that involve the local industry or that promote the image of the region in its different facets;
• Employment. Activities include fostering the development of new professional roles, developing local professionals and facilitating the establishment of audiovisual production companies with specific attention to the cross-border environment. Additional activities involve developing specific infrastructures which are considered strategic for the creation of this new industry sector ;
• Training. There are two areas of activities: firstly, to provide the basic education necessary to develop a knowledge of movie industry and culture and furthermore a tailored training targeted towards secondary schools and universities; secondly, to launch specific initiatives which are critical to the development of the regional sector. These include the development of a system of grants, the organization of workshops and master degrees and the implementation of a post graduate programme in cooperation with the Education and Culture Departments of the Regional Government.
• Exhibitions and Communication. Activities are targeted at the existing regional movie sector involving festivals, organizations and associations, magazines and publications, archives and media-libraries. Actions include evaluating existing initiatives and coordinating different active local actors to achieve a greater impact. To this end existing initiatives in order to establish common standards and to determine whether some of them should be redefined. Communication objectives are, on the one hand, to inform the public and private regional organizations of the potential of the project and, on the other, to promote the Film Commission and the industry that it represents nationally and internationally within the overall industry and at movie festivals, co-production workshops.

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