Lucana Film Commission

address:Corso Garibaldi, 139
IT-85100 Potenza
fax:+39 0971 665034

Basilicata between movies and landscapes
The Lucania Film Commission Foundation aims to promote and support italian and foreign companies which would shoot film, television, audiovisual and advertising productions in Basilicata. Its mission also includes the promotion and the enhancement of artistic and environmental heritage, the historical memory and the traditions of the communities of Basilicata, the professional and technical resources of the region, in the view of creating attractive conditions for film productions in our region.
Film found for filmmakers
The production and distribution of films and audiovisual works created in the region will have a special support thanks to the subsidies provided by the establishment of a specific fund (Film Fund). Filmakers will get services, information, organizational and logistical facilities. Other goal of the Foudation is to facilitate the participation of Lucanian productions to national and international specialized film festivals in order to enhance cultural diversity expressed by the territory. The Film Commission also has the ambition to promote inter-regional and international co-productions. For this purpose it will activate coordinated activities with other Italian Film Commission.
Fund raising
Film Commission will act to attract investments and facilitate the access to European and regional resources. The goal is to promote in the region film and television productions, also including digital works. In conjunction with other public and private entities, the Foundation plans to deliver activities in the view of developing skills, studies and experimentation activities in the film industry.

Films in production
Films 2019
Documentaries 2019
  • Mathera by Francesco Invernizzi, Vito Salinaro

Films 2018
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Documentaries 2017
  • Matera 15/19 by Fabrizio Nucci, Nicola Rovito, Alessandro Nucci

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