US release for Like Crazy

From May 5th in NY and Wide from 12th

US release for Like Crazy

Like Crazy by Paolo Virzì is in theaters in the US from May 5th, thanks to Strand Releasing distribution.

The film opened at  Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and IFC Center in NYC and will be available from May 12th in Los Angeles and many other cities, including Chicago, San Francisco and Denver, for a total of more than 20 screens.

The US critics warmly welcomed the movie:

“The role both fits her like a glove and again reveals what makes Tedeschi such a fascinating performer” - “A pleasingly warm, human and female take on the subject [mental illnesses and institutions]”
- Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

“Vibrant” - “A jaunty tale of mental illness shot with real verve, this high-energy romp is a superb showcase for its two lead actresses as they impetuously extend a group outing from the residential clinic into a two-character outlaw adventure, relying on luck, chutzpah and the kindness of strangers” - “This is a crowd-pleasing bittersweet comedy in which tragic circumstances are attenuated by moral support from unusual quarters” - “The film’s freewheeling energy is as appealing as its developments are unpredictable”
- Lisa Nesselson, ScreenDaily

“A terrific comedy-drama about two women in a mental institution that voids the pitfalls such a scenario could encounter and boasts delicious dialogue with a rare sense of balance” - “Boasting a deliriously loquacious script together with a rare understanding of how to balance certain Italian caricatures with a grounding sense of realism – the film takes two psychologically damaged women, one a mythomaniac powerhouse and the other a fragile wreck, and makes them into a mutually supportive duo who surprisingly touch our emotions”- “Neither Valeria Bruni Tedeschi nor Micaela Ramazzotti have been better”
- Jay Weissberg, Variety

“A fun romp through Tuscany alongside two fascinating, lovable characters”
- Curtis Cook, Willamette Week