Selections for Busan, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Haifa

Guidelines and deadlines for submissions

Selections for Busan, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Haifa

next July Istituto Luce Cinecittà - Filmitalia will organize the Italian Selections for the following Festivals: Busan, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Haifa.
We kindly ask to send us the submission of your film by email (you can find the contact persons for each festival below) asap.
Please be informed that you don’t need to submit the film online and/or pay submission fees if you choose to participate in these selections which will be held here at Cinecittà.
The films must not have already been sent in previous versions/titles to the above mentioned Festivals before.
Requested materials: link or dvd or bluray with English subtitles, possibly with a Press Book in English.
Via Tuscolana 1055 – 00173, Roma (Italy)
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23° Busan International Film Festival (October 4 - 13)
Deadline for material submission: Monday July 9.
Delegate: Jin Park (Programmer) in Rome July 15 - 20.
Rules: films completed after October 2017. Priority will be given to International and World Premieres. 
>Full regulations<
Contact: Cristina Cassano tel. +39 06 72286298 and Serena Mazzi tel. +39 06 72286326.

31° Tokyo International Film Festival (October 25 - November 3)
Deadline for material submission: Wednesday July 18.
Delegate: Yoshi Yatabe (Programming Director) in Rome July 23-25.
Rules: films completed after January 1, 2018 which have not participated in competition in other FIAPF accredited Festivals, must have Asian premiere. World and International premieres are given priority. Documentaries are not eligible. 
>Full regulations<
Contact: Rossella Rinaldi tel. +39 06 72286325 and Monique Catalino tel. +39 0672286334

10° CPH PIX Copenhagen Film Festival (September 27 - October 10)
Deadline for material submission: Wednesday July 19.
Delegate: Neils Lind Larsen (Head of Programme) in Rome July 25 - 28.
Rules: feature films (minimum length 65’) completed after December 2017. Danish premiere required >Official Website<
Contact: Serena Mazzi +39 06 72286326 and Erika Allegrucci  +39 06 72286289

34° Haifa International Film Festival (September 22 - October 1)
Deadline for material submission: Friday July 20.
Delegate: Yaron Shamir (Programmer and Special Events Coordinator) in Rome July 30 - August 1.
Regulations: films completed after October 2017. Documentaries are not eligible. The films must have participated in at least one festival before. Israeli premiere required.
Contact: Monica Moscato tel. +39 06 72286258 and Giovanni Marco Piemontese tel. +39 06 72286442