Venice 2004: Movi(e)ng Stars

Venice 2004: Movi(e)ng Stars

Audiovisual Industry Promotionwill be present this year at the 61st Venice International film Festival, along with Cinecittà Holding, Istituto Luce and Mediaport with: Spazio Cinema Incontri - Cinecittà Holding - Hotel Westin Excelsior staged in the heart of the events, protagonists and screenings of the oldest Film Festival in the world.

This year, an underlying theme which best describes the Italian cinema present at the Mostra, is a generation of actors ( few absentees, everyone confirmed in Venice, stealing a few hours away, from one set to the next) whose talent, passion and orginality has become the breeding ground of stars. They are stars without a system, unlike their foreign colleagues, they don’t follow the standard routes. Their history and journeys are different. They are young, talented and very busy.

Considering it has been an unusual year, it is a fact, that this is a particularly happy moment for our stars. For this reason we have conceived and dedicate to them, this space of encounters. To go beyond each film, outline the portraits and collect the different stories.

The nature of the encounters with our young actors, will be a means of confronting a generation with a respective profession, an actor and a great passion: cinema.
This year, thanks to those coincidences that cinema often provides, even off camera, they are all in Venice, from Valerio Mastandrea to Raoul Bova,Claudia Pandolfi to Maya Sansa, Giorgio Pasotti to Luigi Lo Cascio, and Pierfrancesco Favino, Paolo Sassanelli and Dino Abbrescia protagonists of La vita è breve ma la giornata è lunghissima by Lucio Pellegrini and Gianni Zanasi, film-docu in digital, with and about the actors who are “almost famous”, and many others.

So the appointment is in Venice , at Hotel Excelsior “Spazio Cinema Incontri” (Sala Tropicana) everyday from 4-5pm.