The Italian cinema at Annecy

The Italian cinema at Annecy

The Annecy Film Festival, the most important window on Italian cinema abroad, yesterday inaugurated their 22nd edition which will end Saturday October 2nd with the awards ceremony, and a forum on co-productions, Sunday October 3rd. Besides the films in Competiton, at least 40 films will be presented in the different sections, offering an exhaustive and varied selection of our cinema. Many first feature films have been chosen, thanks to the passionate and very selective eye of the Annecy Festival Director, Pierre Todeschini. It is in these times of Harvest that the Festival presents this year’s good vintage of Italian films. We strongly hope therefore, that this window of Italian cinema being presented to the press, general public and distributors, will entice particularly the French distributors , to add these film titles to their lists.

Audiovisual Industry Promotion, which has helped organize the selections and materialize some of the copies, will be present in Annecy as it will be represented by their President Giovanni Galoppi who states : “We hope that on such a great occasion as this one, Italian cinema will continue to gain public recognition and Market presence, especially in a country such as France , which is so close and equally important to Italy, and that this collaboration with our ‘cousins beyond the Alps’, which also concerns co-productions, will continue to be beneficial for both film industries.
Here is a list of the films in the main categories:

Nema problema di Giancarlo Bocchi
Fame chimica di Paolo Vari e Antonio Bocola
Il vestito da sposa di Fiorella Infascelli
La spettatrice di Paolo Franchi
Ora e per sempre di Vincenzo Verdecchi
Miracolo a Palermo di Beppe Cino
Radio West (FM 97) di Alessandro Valori
Segui le ombre di Lucio Gaudino
Tu devi essere il lupo di Vittorio Moroni

Cantando dietro i paraventi di Ermanno Olmi
L'odore del sangue di Mario Martone
Dopo mezzanotte di Davide Ferrario
Mi piace lavorare di Francesca Comencini
Le conseguenze dell’amore di Paolo Sorrentino
Le chiavi di casa di Gianni Amelio
Sotto falso nome di Roberto Andò

Pierre Santini
Robert Piccamiglio
Jun Ichikawa
Giorgio Gosetti
Francesca Comencini (Prix Sergio Leone)
Jean-Pierre Gardelli
Yves Moser
Agnès Catherine Poirier
Marie Françoise Colombani
Rocco Frontera