AIP and ANICA together at the Berlin International Film festival promoting Italian cinema

AIP and ANICA  together at the Berlin International Film festival promoting Italian cinema

At the next European Film Market in Berlin, which will take place from February 10th – 20th, Italian cinema’s forces unite: l’ANICA, the Association which represents the entire Italian Film industry, and Audiovisual Industry Promotion, the company responsible for promoting Italian cinema abroad, together will run "Stand Italia", and thanks to the patronage of the Ministery of Culture – Administration Cinema. "Stand Italia" will be open to all of the Italian operators present in Berlin.
The activities at the stand will be primarily concerned with emphasizing the importance of Italy’s attendance at the Berlin International Film Fest, which will be made known in the next few days.
But, because of the growing importance of Berlin’s European Film Market that has now become the only winter event for all film operators, the stand will at the same time give more exposure to all the Italian products for sale overseas.
For this reason, the pavilion AIP-ANICA (simply called, "Italia"), will be completely renovated, compared to the last festival editions, and will cover a space measuring over 130mq. Inside the space there will be individual offices representing eight of the major Italian audiovisual exporters. (Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, FilmExport Group, Intramovies, Minerva Pictures, Movietime, Rai Trade, Surf Film, Variety Communications) and a large space fully equipped to service all of Italian companies present and serve as a support to promote the films officially present in Berlin.
Among the services being offered, personnel fluent in three languages at the reception, and a courtesy bar serviced by the Torino Piemonte Film Commission, 4 internet points with dsl, 3 monitors equipped for DVD and VHS viewing, a large screen projecting images from the films in the official selection and markeptplace, large advertising fixtures and notifications on official and market screenings. Inside the Italia Pavilion, as in past editions, journalists will be able to meet up with the leading Italian artists in the Festival as well as the market operators.

“I cannot help feeling pleased for having obtained an agreement I so strongly wished for, as this can only serve as best wishes for the entire sector - states – ANICA President, Gianni Massaro, Esq..
The space "Italia" at the Berlin Film Festival is a joint initiative, with a firm policy to promote Italian cinema, which in turn will find that ANICA is not only essential but also by tradition committed : the promotional aspects will be chiefly concerned with the financial demands of our industry and films, and the need for the foreign markets to also provide new resources, thanks to films that will continue to be competitive on all markets, as well as the cultural awareness. This specific synergy is made possible - concludes the President of ANICA - thanks to the loyal collaboration and reliable understanding with the President of AIP, Giovanni Galoppi, Esq..”

“I believe that agreements such as this one made with ANICA - confirms the President of AIP Giovanni Galoppi, Esq. - are important in order to reach the objectives that have been established by the activities of AIP-Filmitalia, such as the promotion of our national cinema in foreign markets. This type of collaboration is a significant element, in an important event such as theEuropean Film Market in Berlin, and sends out a strong signal from Italian cinema to the international market. The partnership between AIP and ANICA, on occasion of the Berlinale 2005, not only finds a reason to exist objectively but also is due to the great respect I have, in regards to the President, Gianni Massaro,Esq.”