AIP-Filmitalia and ANICA together at the Cannes Market

AIP-Filmitalia and ANICA together at the Cannes  Market

After the successful experience at theEuropean Film Market in Berlin also in Cannes, at the Marché du Film, the forces of Italian cinema will once more unite: Audiovisual Industry Promotion -Filmitalia, the company responsible for the promotion of Italian cinema overseas and ANICA, the Italian Film Producers Association, will together carry out “Stand Italia”, also thanks to the contribution by the Ministry of Culture- Direction Cinema.

The pavillion will be accessibile to all the Italian and foreign operators present in Cannes.
This year’s stand activities at the 58th Cannes Film Festival, besides being concerned with giving better exposure to the Italian artists present, will be presenting a series of initiatives focused on increasing the visibility of Italian films in foreign markets.
For this reason, the pavillion AIP-ANICA ( simply called “Italia”), will cover an aerea of 300square meters. The personal offices of eight major Italian film and audiovisual exporters will be located within the same space, (Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, Buskin Film, FilmExport Group, Intramovies, Mondo TV, Rai Trade, Surf Film, Variety Communications) and a large aerea set up to provide different services for all the Italian companies present. A reception aerea with personnel fluent in three languages, and a courtesy bar provided by the Torino Piemonte Film Commission, two public internet points with dsl, a small room equipped with a home theatre for dvds and vhs: designed to provide the optimum operative features, the space will be the one spot where all business related activities concerned with historical as well as recent Italian film productions will take place.
AIP-Filmitalia besides being present at the Riviera, will also occupy a space at the Noga Hilton together with Cinecittà Holding and the rest of the companies in the group.

“I consider it to be extremely important- claims the attorney Giovanni Galoppi, President of AIP-Filmitalia – that the profitable collaboration with ANICA which proved to be a positive experience at the Berlinale will prove to be the same, at the 58th Cannes Film Festival, confirming the Italian film industry ‘s will to work together, using efficient synergies with the same objective of increasing promotion our cinema in International markets. Such a collaboration, founded and consolidated thanks to the great esteem I have for the President of ANICA, attorney Gianni Massaro, maximizes and enriches the work activities of AIP-Filmitalia.”

“The visibility of Italian cinema is much greater-claims the President of ANICA, attorney Gianni Massaro – thanks to the professional association of ANICA, which represents the film industry, and AIP-Filmitalia, the organization responsible for the promotion of our cinema overseas. An association that has been consolidated, also thanks to the loyal collaboration with the President of AIP, attorney Giovanni Galoppi, and of the same awareness that especially at the Cannes Film Festival, and Marché du Film, -concludes the President of ANICA- it is essential to join forces, to maximize the potential of our films, both those in the official selection and those that will benefit from being represented in Cannes, and eventually distributed abroad.”