Adriana Chiesa is the new C.E.O. of AIP-Filmitalia

Adriana Chiesa is the new  C.E.O. of AIP-Filmitalia

The board of administrators of AIP Filmitalia S.p.A. presided by Giovanni Galoppi Esq. has voted unanimously to replace Carlo Bassi following his resignation, with Mrs. Adriana Chiesaas the company’s new C.E.O., with all the specific operative and financial duties .
Adriana Chiesa is a key figure in the movie industry, thanks to her long and extensive knowledge in the sector, particularly in exporting Italian films abroad. At the present time she is Vice President ofEFEA ( the Union of European Film Exporters) and a board member of the European Film Awards.EFA
Also during this morning’s board meeting, board member Ernesto Paolillo received a special delegate of overseeing financial relationships and markets (Mifed), due to his extensive experience in major financial institutions, and was appointed as member of the executive committee, whose members at present are: Giovanni Galoppi, Antonio Breschi, Antonio Caorsi, Adriana Chiesa, Ernesto Paolillo, Alessandro Usai.
At the end of the board meeting, the new managing director stated: “ I feel very honoured to accept this prestigious position, and will devote all my professional skills to Italian cinema, hoping that it will find the success and appreciation that it deserves worldwide. “ Adriana Chiesa also stated that in order to dedicate herself entirely to her new role and avoid potential conflicts, she will step down as the sole managing director of the Adriana Chiesa Enterprises company.
In wishing the new C.E.O. all the best, AIP-Filmitalia would like to underline that these decisions were made with the intent of reinforcing the team, and therefore increasing the promotional activities of our cinema overseas, at a time when the International markets are showing greater interest and there is a strong presence of our national product beyond our nations’ border.