58th Locarno Film Festival, the Italian Selection

58th Locarno Film Festival, the Italian Selection

“In general Festivals seem trivial. Often the films don’t seem to be the most important aspect, but just a pretext for passing time frantically. This would be a lot of fun, if it wasn’t for the fact that you really have no fun at all.
However since Vito and the others, the notion that follows me is that I make ‘ difficult ‘ films, and that before being released in theatres, they would be better off in a Festival. At least it would give people something to talk about, otherwise this type of cinema would never reach out to someone-anyone.
How could one disagree?
So when they invited us to Locarno, with the enthusiasm that could only derive from those who had really become involved watching this film, I said to myself ‘ OK, I’ll go ‘. Suddenly a doubt crossed my mind : in Venice during the screenings I used to go swimming, what would I do in Locarno? And Nicola( Nicola Giuliano who is one of the producers) said to me ‘ but there’s the lake’. We both shook hands.”
Antonio Capuano
Director of Mario’s War in competition at the 58th Locarno International Film Festival

“Since the first moment I was given the screenplay for Keller, I realized that it was undoubtedly a very risky project, although beautifully written by Eva Urthaler, reputation of Austrian producer Franz Novotny,and meeting with them both in Vienna, the main reason I was driven to make this Austrian director’s first film is because my film production policy is to always watch for new talents. Besides my participation in this project would be considered low budget, representing 10% of the total budget.
The European co-productions could be the right answer to the invasion of North American products. I still say ‘ could be ‘ because one would have to look over all the existing bilateral agreements between the 25 European communities and succeed in uniting them all under one European law, equal for everyone, which would best simplify the rules governing co-productions, offering greater opportunities to the independent producers who could participate even on a minor level in all kinds of projects.”
Alessandro Verdecchi
Coproducer of the film Keller in competition at 58th Locarno International Festival

A wide and heterogenous selection of Italian films will be screened in Locarno, first features, famous artists, and new tendencies in Italian cinema.
Mario’s War, directed by Antonio Capuanoand produced by Nicola Giuliano and Francesca Cima for Indigo Film, from Domenico Procacci for Fandango and distributed by Medusa Italy’s film in competition in the forthcoming edition of the Festival, while competing in the co-productions category, is first feature Keller by Austrian Eva Urthaler, co-produced by Alessandro Verdecchi for Misami Film.

Being presented Out of Competition is Face Addict by Edo Bertoglio (Downtown Pictures and Amka Films) and two first features selected for Filmmakers of the Present: Sangue by Libero De Rienzo, produced by Nitrofilm, Rai Cinema and Mikado, e Gas by Luciano Melchionna, produced by Blu Cinematografica.
Other sections in the Festival will feature screenings ,amongst others, of recent works by Giuseppe Bertolucci, Tommaso Cotronei, Annamaria Gallone, Vincenzo Marra, Tecla Taidelli, Marco Turco.
On the jury representing Italy is Valerio Adami, artist and author of the 2005 Festival poster.

Complete selection of films

by Eva Urthaler

Mario’s War
by Antonio Capuano

Special Out of Competition Event
Face Addict
by Edo Bertoglio

Video Competition
by Vincenzo Marra

by Tommaso Cotronei

by Giuseppe Bertolucci

Filmmakers of the Present
by Libero De Rienzo

by Luciano Melchionna

In Another Country
by Marco Turco

Fuori Vena
by Tecla Taidelli

Human Rights
L'Abbraccio di Barbara
by Annamaria Gallone

Pinocchio Nero
di Angelo Loy

In Progress
by Masbedo

Gelo Verticale
by Masbedo

Soltanto Essere
by Masbedo

Night 266
by Masbedo

Petroleo Mexico
by Roberto Paci Dalò

Site Specific - Las Vegas 05
by Olivo Barbieri