From the Catalog "Annecy Cinéma Italien"

From the Catalog  "Annecy Cinéma Italien"

The Annecy Italian Film Festival is an appointment we renew each year with vivid interest, and with whom we collaborate with great pleasure. The festival now celebrating its 23rd edition has become a true moment of verification for Italian cinema.
Annecy is the summing up of a year in motion pictures : the general health of Italian cinematography, the recent works by affirmed authors, the surprising new beginners, the new films yet to be discovered. The tributes, such as this year’s tribute to Cattleya, can become indicators of significant productivity, as the prize named after Sergio Leone is an acknowledgment to the status symbol of an Italian director.
At Annecy, Italian cinema looks ‘ inside itself ‘, and then does the exact opposite, as it moves in search of a French distribution release or of a partner in what our film industry considers, a country with ‘ coproduction affinities ‘.
In these past years, much has been accomplished, but we must strive to achieve more: improve the quality and quantity of support given to Italian films in France, and tackle a market whose quota has not risen above 0,7% this past year. We need to contemplate on this fact calmly and courageously, with the precise will to intervene, as we are certain that for Italian cinema, a French experience will inevitably give birth to a European formula.

Giovanni Galoppi