First Review of Italian Cinema in Brazil

First  Review of  Italian Cinema in Brazil

Aip-Filmitalia, Assocamerestero and the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce will launch the first edition of A Review of Contemporary Italian cinema November 18-24 , in San Paolo, Brazil, shortly after the conclusion of the São Paulo International Film Festival. Eight titles, which are unedited in Brazil, will be presented, offering an extensive look at the latest top Italian film productions: Private by Saverio Costanzo will be featured as the opening event, followed by The Heart Elsewhere by Pupi Avati, The Consequences of Love by Paolo Sorrentino, A Journey called Love by Michele Placido, La Febbre by Alessandro D’Alatri, Ma che colpa abbiamo noi by Carlo Verdone, After Midnight by Davide ferrario and Dillo con parole mie by Daniele Luchetti.
The event whose aim is to diffuse Italian culture, increase market penetration, and heighten the popularity of Italian cinema in Brazil, using audiovisual works, and create a favourable environment for the sector’s economic development, will take place in the new Multiplex Iguatemi Cinemark, (Brazil’s major film circuit- 304 theatres) inside the city’s most elegant Shopping Center.
The multiplex cinema’s nine halls will screen the Italian films , inaugurating this extensive programme entirely dedicated to European and Asian films d’auteur, and therefore will have contributed in creating this new and important look at cinema outside of the Hollywood productions, and aimed at a cultured public who appreciates and loves quality cinema.
G.Galoppi The President of AIP-Filmitalia Giovanni Galoppi, who will preside over the opening ceremony, has stated:
“ I believe that events such as this one are of great use for the promotion of the Italian Audiovisual and Film sector in Brazil, more specifically in South America, where Filmitalia hopes in the near future to intensify their work whose objective is to create solid business opportunities and form new joint ventures with the local operators.”