59th Locarno Film Festival, the Italian Selection

59th Locarno Film Festival, the Italian Selection

The 59tha edition of the Locarno International Film Festival confirms its strong preference for Italian cinema, presenting 21 titles appearing in the various sections. The Italian titles selected for the International Competition are Jimmy della Collina, second feature by Enrico Pau, Dark Sea by Roberta Torre and the Italy/Belgium co-production Ça rend heureux by Joachim Lafosse.
The film, "Jimmy della Collina", is adapted from a novel wirtten by Massimo Carlotto and tells the story of seventeen year old Jimmy, who having been raised in a small town in Sardegna without any real prospects or sense of direction, will end up getting entangled with the law, and sentenced to juvenile prison.
"Mare Nero", which is Roberta Torre's fourth film, is the story of a young detective who during an investigation will come into contact with the darkest aspects of underground Roman night life.
The Italy/Belgian co-production deals with the end of a love story, the disappointment and discouragement of director Lafosse who was continually denied financial support from the various production companies sollicited to finance his second film.
Director Antonio Capuano, who last year in Locarno, presented his film "La Guerra di Mario", this year marks his presence in Locarno, as a member of the International Jury.

List of all of the Italian films selected

International Competition
Mare nero
by Roberta Torre
Jimmy della Collina
by Enrico Pau
Ça rend heureux
by Joachim Lafosse

Piazza Grande
Quale amore
by Maurizio Sciarra
L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio
by Agostino Ferrante

Piazza Grande Short Films
10 insects to feed (Special event)
by Masbedo

Filmmakers of the Present Competition
by Giovanni Maderna
Sotto la luna di Scampia
by Carlo Luglio

Filmmakers of the Present
Camicie Verdi
by Claudio Lazzaro
by Alessandro Rossetto
Il était une fois… les délices du petit monde
by Joseph Péaquin

A proposito di Cinema
Conversazione a Porto
by Daniele Segre
Il peggio di noi
by Corso Salani
Il tempo si è fermato. Il Cinediario (1958)
collection of directors
Il tempo si è fermato (1959)
by Ermanno Olmi

Retrospective Leopards of Tomorrow 2006
Racconto di guerra (2003)
by Mario Amura

Play Forward
Dove il marmo e’ zucchero
by Elisabetta Sgarbi
by Mauro Santini

Play Forward by Galleries
Il mondo non e’ un panorama
by Masbedo
Site Specific_Las Vegas 05
Site Specific _Shanghai 04
Site Specific_Roma 04
by Olivo Barbieri