Cannes: selected Press Review

Great appreciation for Italian selection

Cannes: selected Press Review

The New York Times - "Italian Directors Take the Cannes Film Festival by Storm"

TALE OF TALES by Matteo Garrone

The Guardian - "fabulous in every sense"

Variety - "lavishly realized and long-overdue"

The Hollywood Reporter - "dreamy, fresh take"

Screen International - "Garrone’s most visually and aurally ravishing film"

Indiewire - "The Wackiest Fairy Tale Movie Ever"

Daily Telegraph - "fabulously sexy, defiantly unfashionable readymade cult item."

The Times - "ravishing (in every sense of the word)"

La libre Belgique - "fabulous images"

MIA MADRE by Nanni Moretti

Financial Times - "a really good film"

Le Monde - "«Mia madre»: habemus palmam?"

Liberation - "Moretti continues to evolve"

The Guardian - "warm, witty and seductive"

MEDITERRANEA by Jonas Carpignano

Variety - "a breakout"

The Hollywood Reporter - "a fascinating snapshot of the shifting population flow in a globalized world"

Little White Lies - "remarkable success"

Los Angeles Times - "tough scripted"

The Huffington Post - "opens a window on all those souls who are trying to weather the storm of belonging"

Indiewire - "the Most Timely Movie at This Year's Cannes"

The Guardian - "If a movie as rich and understanding as Mediterranea suddenly appeared every time we read about a difficult issue in the paper, maybe all of the world’s problems could be solved"

YOUTH by Paolo Sorrentino

Screen International - "Sorrentino reaches new heights of showy, utterly tasteful magnificence"

Variety - "Sorrentino’s most tender film yet"

The Hollywood Reporter - "immense visual richness, musical intensity, actorly precision"

The Times - "a visual banquet of a film, which meditates on ageing with wit and tenderness"

El Pais - "brilliant and tender"

La libre Belgique - "refined, elegant"

Le Figaro - "elegant and wonderful meditation"

THE OTHER SIDE by Paolo Minervini

The Hollywood Reporter - "lyrically made"

Variety - "soul-draining"

La libre Belgique - "very political and not rethoric at all"

Libération - "great direction, but never intrusive"