Cinema School Immagina

address:Via Borgo della Stella 11/R
IT-50124 Firenze
tel:+39055 283282
fax:+39055 283282

The Cinema School "Immagina" was born in 1994 thanks to a group of actors, directors and writers but above all thanks to the enthusiasm of an independent author Giuseppe Ferlito.
The School is proposed, respecting the independent thoughts, to teach the language of the cinema and the ways of representation of reality, because even if it's impossible to teach the ideas, however it can be toughed transforming them in cinema, how to write them, how to move the camera, how to direct the actors in order to express completely feelings, concepts, feelings that we have in the head and the heart.
The Laboratory practice is the principal part of the school, where students of various courses are working together, constructing together a sort of creative interactions with the precise aim to bring the product to an end. The interdisciplinary opens a dialogue between the several sections, already from the first lessons on the students have the possibility to be confronted between them and to begin a deep collaboration based on a common project. One the one hand the students of direction and those of scenery will carry out a job tied to the dramatic aspect which make them establishing on the paper the thematic and the problematic relatives to the plot and to the narration. On the other hand they open collaboration with the recitation students which will allow a deepening of the study on the personage which will have a face, a voice, gestuality.
Beside the usual creative course which guides to short film productions every year which are going to be send to various festivals of independent cinema, the school has proposed several times to its students the experience and the emotion of a true and real cinematographic Set including the realization of full length films which are supposed to enter in the normal cinematographic circuit: as you can see: "Doppio Petto" shoot in Sicily in 96, "Femmina" shoot in Rome in 97 and distributed by Cecchi Gori Group, "Né terra né cielo" shoot in Florence in 2001 and distributed by Cinematographic Lantia, and "La mia squadra del cuore" shoot in Florence in 2003 and distributed in VHS and DVD by General Video.