Sartoria Tirelli. Vestire il cinema

Sartoria Tirelli. Vestire il cinema

Sartoria Tirelli. Vestire il cinema

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Sartoria Tirelli. Vestire il cinema


Bernardo Bertolucci, Lucia Bosé, Giuseppe Tornatore, Franco Zeffirelli, Liliana Cavani, Isabella Rossellini, Piero Tosi, Gabriella Pescucci, Dino Trappetti



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Pronto (11/09/2006)

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“Sartoria Tirelli. Vestire il cinema” tells the amazing story of Umberto Tirelli and his costume workshop which he began in the early 1960’s with a close group of friends and which was developed into a small industry, becoming one of the most famous Italian theatrical costume atelier’s in the world. Umberto Tirelli is seen as a legend by all of the “movie costume designers ”around the world . In the film, Isabella Rossellini’s voice is heard off camera as she guides us through the personal testimonies of Umberto Tirelli’s collaborators and friends, which include actors and directors who worked and continue to work with the “sartoria”: from Bernardo Bertolucci to Giuseppe Tornatore, from Liliana Cavani to Franco Zeffirelli, great costume designers such as Piero Tosi and Gabriella Pescucci, Maurizio Millenotti and Anne Roth who speak of how the idea behind a costume is first conceived and then transformed into a tool which helps the actor create his character, helps a director express a notion on film ....referring of course to a notion of great cinema, from the “Conformist” to “Death in Venice”, “Baron von Munchausen”, from “The Age of Innocence” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”…