21 August 2019

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Corto Dorico

16th Edition

Corto Dorico

where:Ancona, Italy
when:November 30th - December 7th, 2019
address:Via Matteotti 175
IT-60121 Ancona
deadline:September 21st, 2019
entry form:Submission at

Corto Dorico is co-organized by Nie Wiem and the Ancona City Council, in partnership with the Marche Cultural Foundation.
Short Italian Film Competition
The primary goal of the Corto Dorico Festival is to present an overview of the Italian short film world and its authors. The main mission of the festival is to scout, promote and support new points of views, poetics and film concepts. From classic narrative to experimental forms, from documentaries to animation and so forth, Corto Dorico is cinema without discrimination of genre and format.
The Stamira Prize for Best Short Film is purposely dedicated to a local woman who, in 1173, gave her own life to save Ancona's independence from the Emperor Barbarossa's besieging of the city. The prize will be awarded by a jury comprised of distinguished individuals among the brightest and untamed souls of Italian Cinema.
The strong focus and founding work carried out by Nie Wiem with the several local communities is also manifested by the annual Nie Wiem Award for Best Short Film of Social Commitment.
Amnesty International/Italy International Short Film Competition
“Running Out of Rights”
This section, created in partnership with Amnesty International Italy, will accept submissions of short films of every genre that are related conventionally or less conventionally, with the themes of civil and human rights. A selection will be screened during the festival and the best short film will be honoured with the Amnesty International Italy Award.
Those who submit short films which also meet the conditions of the Italian Short Film Competition can choose to apply and participate in both sections.