20 June 2019

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Laceno d'Oro

43. Edition

Laceno d'Oro

when:December 3rd - 9th, 2018
deadline:October 31st, 2018
entry form:Iscrizione Online

The short-movie contest Gli occhi sulla città has been the core of Laceno d’oro Festival for the past four years. Since 2018 edition, the formula changes. The Festival bets on a triple-line competition, one for full-lenght films (and medium), one for short-movies and another one for doc films. Anyway, the core and the basic idea behind Gli occhi sulla città remain the same. Cinema and urban spaces, a subject specifing and carachterizing our observation point; at the same time, these two topics allow a wide range of cinematic approaches. The main goal is to think about urban transformations, their social consequences, their style and expressive changes, also their influence on our thoughts and imagination. The contests are open to any films, regardless of genre and nationality, capable of reflecting and reinventing urban spaces; perhaps movies influenced by city or townscapes, able to hypothesise production and distribution methods tightly bond to the enviroments thy’re set in. Works that manage to tell something about past and present cities or towns, even films that attempt to imagine possible and impossible perspectives of a future city; Works in relationship with architecture, politics, city planning, or “simply” using the city/town as a/the carachter of their stories.
The subject is cinema among urban spaces, declinable with total liberty. Contestants are allowed to resort to an “exclusively” narrative tone, but also urban, architectural, political and socialogical accents are permitted. Nonetheless, every work will have to deal with urban pattern, questioning about cinema capacity to tell, describe or even “predict” and outline contemporary cities transformations, their scenarios, perspectives and issues.
Two categories provided:
Concorso Laceno d’oro 43, medium and full-length films OVER 30’ minutes (from now one, in this call, we will refer to this category as the full-lenght one).
Contest for short-movies Gli occhi sulla città – V Edition (short-movies UNDER 30’ minutes , including end credits).
Works with a previous release in Italian cinemas or any online distribution, like streaming, in the Italian territory, will be excluded. National Previews will be privileged.
Selected films will be shown to the audience during the Festival Laceno d’oro 2018, which will take place in December, in Avellino. Screenings will be held in accordance with the timetable laid down by Festival organisers, but authors will know about them in advance.
Circolo ImmaginAzione will select two juries (one for full-lenght films, one for short-movies) composed of artists and experts in the field. The juries will evaluate the selected works according to their film and aestethic qualities, their style originality and their interpretation of the given subject.
The awards consist of:
Laceno d’oro Award for Best Full-Lenght Film, with the contribution of Cassa Rurale e Artigiana di Battipaglia – €3.500.000.
Laceno d’oro Award/Occhi sulla città for Best Short-Movie, with the contribution of Cassa Rurale e Artigiana di Battipaglia – €1.500.000