19 June 2019

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Capalbio Cinema

23rd International Short Film Festival

Capalbio Cinema

where:Capalbio (Gr)
when:June 25th- July 2nd, 2016
address:Corso Rinascimento, 49
IT-00186 Roma
tel:+39 06 67 94 925
fax:+39 06 6794925
deadline:May 25th, 2015
entry form:Online Submission

Maybe few will remember that in the first two years Capalbio Cinema started out as a showcase for Italian Short Films. There wasn't even a competition; 10 to 15 films in film lightened up the two or three evenings of the manifestation.
In the third year the international competition for short films comes to life and for 14 years in succesion our regulation held on to the mantra shorts in film max 15 minutes.
It's because of this, by now, historical competition and its regulations - which are meanwhile at the limits of anachronism considerated that the greater companies are repeatedly annunciating the imminent end of production in film - that the showcase has reached international fame.

  • That God Be Here by Gianluigi Tarditi: HD Competition: Best Film, Best Cinematography