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27 May 2019

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FilmFest Dresden

31st International Short Film Festival

FilmFest Dresden

where:Dresden - (Germany)
when:April 9th - 14th, 2019
address:Alaunstrasse, 62
D-01099 Dresden
tel:+49 351 829470
fax:+49 351 8294719
deadline:December 1st, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

Since its early days, the International and the National Competitions have represented the centrepiece of the festival programme. In their 10 separate screening programmes, roughly 70 films from almost 20 countries worldwide flicker across the silver screen. And for that purpose, more than 2,000 short fiction and animated films not older than two years and not longer than 30 minutes are viewed and evaluated.
Equally impressive is the wide array of special programmes at Filmfest Dresden. The most popular here traditionally include a selection from the best British films: British Focus. This is accompanied by further programmes from different countries, as well as genre- or theme-related compilations and retrospectives. These very special guests at Filmfest Dresden to date have ranged from the Sandman in both East and West Germany through to innovative artistic experiments and compositions. The 25 special programmes with a total of up to 250 films always have something for just about every film fan to laugh, shiver, discover or be amazed at.
Finally with its extensive supporting programme, Filmfest Dresden also provides all sorts of opportunities beyond the cinemas for amusement, cultural diversions and of course wild parties. Clubs and cafes, bands and DJs are all at the service of Filmfest Dresden's guests!

  • ReCuiem by Valentina Carnelutti: Competition

  • Big Bang Big Boom by Blu: International Competition - Golden Horseman Best Sound(scape) Award

  • Diarchy by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino: Short Matters

  • Rita by Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza: International Competition - Golden Horseman Youth Jury

  • Videogioco - Loop Experiment by Donato Sansone: International Competition

  • Muto by Blu: Golden Horseman Animated Film

  • The Substitute by Andrea Jublin: Golden Horseman short fiction

  • ZAKARIA by Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio: Short Matters 2