Jakarta International Film Festival

13th Edition

where:Jakarta (Indonesia)
when:October 14th - 24th, 2011
Last Edition
Jl. Sutan Syahrir I C
Blok 3 - 4
Jakarta Pusat 10350
tel:+62 21 3192 5113/5115
fax:+62 21 3192 5360
deadline:August 1st, 2011
entry form:Online Entry Form

The Society of Indonesian Films is a non-profit organization established in Jakarta at the beginning of 1999 by several young Indonesian filmmakers & JIFFest, concerned about the future of the local film industry. Its objectives are :
- to participate actively in the efforts to revive the Indonesian film industry;
- to disseminate information about film as work of art;
- to participate in efforts to bridge multi-cultural understanding between the people of Indonesia and the rest of the world through the film medium; and
- to participate in efforts to collect, conserve, and publish data and film documents.
In order to achieve these goals, several priority programs have been designed and are currently or will be implemented in the future by the Foundation:
- hosting the Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest) on a yearly basis,
- hosting series of educational and vocational training, workshops and seminars in an effort to develop the human resources which support the Indonesian film industry, and
- conducting research and reviews to create an Indonesian Film Information Center which will help disseminate information on the local film industry through electronic and print media.
In carrying out its activities, the Foundation shall remain an independent entity, open to co-operation opportunities with other parties (government & non-governmental institutions) with objective of achieving the goals stated above.
Anyone interested in helping to pursue these goals is more than welcome to contact the society.

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