22 August 2019

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13th Edition


where:Palermo (Sicily)
when:May 27th - June 2nd, 2019
deadline:December 21st, 2018
entry form:Submission at FilmFreeway

SorsiCorti is a Short Film Festival that combines conviviality and interest in the art of the short film.
SorsiCorti born from the passion for cinema and a desire to explore trails innovative and experimental short films. The wine, excellent product of Sicily and a symbol of conviviality, accompanying the Festival since its inception.
Since 2010 SorsiCorti has managed to become showcase of works submitted from different parts of Europe (Spain, France, England, Germany), and also from the rest of the world, such as Asia, Australia and America.
Careful selection and accurately carried out by an evaluation committee made up of experts cinephiles, causes only short films of high quality access the program projection. For three years now SorsiCorti has developed a strong collaboration with the young cultural reality of the Piccolo Teatro Patafisico in Palermo, who also became the official seat of the exhibition. However, the nomadic nature of the Festival makes you realize various events around the city, mainly in theaters and in towns and wineries in the area.
A jury of quality, composed of personalities from the world of cinema, has the task of assessing the short films; alongside his judgment was that of a so-called People’s Jury, composed by the audience projections.
Since 2010 the evenings in the competition you add several thematic events, increasing in this way the territories of exploration of contemporary audiovisual productions, for example SorsiDoc, event dedicated to documentary and SorsiSound dedicated to video clips and other special screenings of selected films.
Aims of the Festival
• Disseminate new productions in the panorama of short films nationally and internationally;
• Provide moments of depth on specific issues through the organization of evening out the competition dedicated to video and video-art and day seminar with presentations by industry experts on topics near the cinema;
• Give proper recognition to the best work at the end of the three evenings of the Festival, with the judgment of a jury properly;
• Provide a showcase, as complete as possible on small productions and independent productions in the short film, documentary, animation, video clips and video art;
• Involve local realities within the festival so as to extend cooperation in the area (cultural associations, pubs, theaters, cinemas).
Period of development
The Call for Entries is published every year around the month of November and the deadline to submit jobs is at the beginning of March. Projections of short films have been secured in the first weeks of May. The thematic evenings, meetings and workshops are carried out usually from April to December.
Sections of the competition:
1. On any subject Italy: short films produced in Italy, lasting up to 20 minutes for categories Fiction, animation, video art and a maximum duration of 30 minutes for the Documentary category;
2. On any subject International Competition: short films produced outside Italy, lasting up to 20 minutes for the categories: Fiction, Animation, video art and a maximum duration of 30 minutes for the Documentary category;
3. Cortissimi/a glass in a minute: short of the maximum duration of one minute, which have as a prerequisite the explicit presence of the wine in the short film;
4. SorsiSound: Italian and foreign music videos.