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21 August 2019

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Ischia Film Festival

17th Edition

Ischia Film Festival

when:June 29th - July 6th, 20119
address:c/o Associazione Art Movie & Music
Via G. B. Vico, 201
IT-80077 Ischia (NA)
tel:+39.081 984588
fax:+39.081 984588
deadline:March 31st, 2019
entry form:Online Submission

The event takes place at Aragonese Castle in Ischia and is the only International cinema competition dedicated to cinema locations. The event, which is known for its focus on movietourism and location placement, awards the audiovisual works, the directors, the directors of photography and the set designers who have mostly enhanced Italian and international locations by highlighting their landscapes and their cultural identity.
As in the previous editions, a week of open-air film projections with tributes and meetings with international guests will take place. Eight days of films, competitions, shows, special projections and works proceeding from all over the world. These works enhance and promote the traditions, the historical reality, the landscapes and the cultural identities of a territory by choosing the location. Any work which has enhanced the territory through the locations’ choice, promoting in this way their historical, social and human reality, traditions and culture, can participate in the Ischia’s international movie contest.
The Official Projections Schedule is divided into different sections:
CLOSE-UP: Italian and International full-length films that in the present season have given importance to the locations as key element of the narration.
COMPETITION: documentaries and national and international short films in competition to win the Ischia prize as the best festival’s documentary and short film.
DENIED LOCATION: a special competitive section for those works that, even if enhancing the territories, display the contradictions of civilization and progress, the rights or hopes of those people damaged by war or natural disasters.
SOCIAL LOCATION: dedicated to a special highlighting of the concept of location by the light of economic and social problems arisen forcibly and with cultural evidence in the most recent national and international movies.
SCENERIES: short-films and documentaries which are not part of the competition coming from the furthest and most vital sets.
Special prizes will be awarded by the festival’s stage-managing to one film director, one set designer and one director of photography for the work they have performed during the last year and which enhanced a particular location, and the Foreign Award, awarded in collaboration with APE (Association of Executive Producers) to the international film production that has chosen Italy as its set, giving our country international fame thanks to a high-level film.
Ischia Film Festival is also the occasion to discover under the stars many well-known or emerging film authors: many meetings with film directors, actors and set designers have been organized (in the last years these personalities attended Ischia Film Festival: Ken Adam, Pupi Avati, Vittorio Storaro, Alan Lee, Mario Monicelli, Abel Ferrara, Pavel Longuine, Giuliano Montaldo, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Carlo Lizzani, Paolo Villaggio, Romina Power and Rocco Papaleo).

  • Hanaa by Giuseppe Carrieri: Competition