26 April 2019

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Premio Marcellino de Baggis

3rd International Documentary Festival

Premio Marcellino de Baggis

when:May 4th - 7th, 2017
address:Via XX Settembre, 3
IT-74123 Taranto
tel:+39 099 4529189
deadline:January 15th, 2017
entry form:Online Submission

We travel: our sea is our home. The previous edition brought us to come out from the waters that bathe the perpetual city: Taranto. The town where you can walk on land and on three islands. The city that you can discover through three bridges. The town where strolled Plato.
We are ready to recognize us, we are ready to look at us from another point of view. Rediscovering not only the history or the monuments but of those who live, despair and rejoice here. Here is our city: a place of discovery and a community. This festival must be and will be the occasion for a new vision of faces, eyes, bodies, sounds and words. We are at the center of the world because we are open to the world. We expect from all over the world and from all parts of Italy to reconstruct together a sense of living in common. Because the documentary is life in movement and Taranto reborn thanks to Cinema.
The Festival represents a meeting place for the promotion and dissemination of documentary practice, starting with the work of Marcellino de Baggis, through the search for new talents and new stories. In fact, we waant to provide an opportunity to reflect on the contemporary world through a number of different points of view, that enrich and call into question our gaze.