17 June 2019

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Ventotene Film Festival

24th Edition

Ventotene Film Festival

when:July 23rd – 29th 2018
address:Via della Giuliana, 27
it-00195 Roma
tel:+39 06.30893337
deadline:May 25th, 2018
entry form: Submission at

The Festival takes places on a breathtaking Ventotene Island, a unique and magical place situated in the Mediterranean Sea between Rome and Naples. Twenty-two years of cinema: an important achievement of the Festival accomplished in the year 2016. We are going to celebrate this anniversary with a new edition, created however in the spirit of our tradition. Organized with the Support of the Italian Ministry of Arts and Culture, Lazio Regional Council, the Ventotene Island Council, Under the High Patronage of the European Parliament, the Academy of Italian Cinema David of Donatello Awards, this event will once again bring to the island films, authors and actors who did make and continue making the Italian and the International cinema great, and let’s not forget our exhibitions specially set up for the occasion.
The festival location has a fundamental value in the European culture as it is the place where - during their period of exile on the island - Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi and Ursula Hirschmann wrote the Ventotene Manifesto, the document which became an inspirational source for the European Federalist Movement and the European Union. The Ventotene Film Festival has always been proud to represent the ideas of the Manifesto, and it certainly is no coincidence that the essential sections of the Festival are directly inspired by European values.
Given the significant social role played by the Ventotene Film Festival on the island, offers an International Contest of Movies and Documentaries exploring the themes of Europe, law abidance, active citizenship, democracy and racial integration.