A class story - Water, is taught by thirst

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Lorenzo Albrizio, Jessica Carnovale, Gianluca Diana, Corinna Iacobini, Alessio Schippa, Yari Venturini, Gianclaudio Lopez



Aura Film, Ameuropa International, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBACT, Rsi Radiotelevisione Svizzera


Italy / Switzerland



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Ready (20/11/2019)

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Lopez, a retired professor, finds in an old class journal Water, is taught by thirst, a poem by Emily Dickinson that in a few verses reveals how life teaches us the value of things.
Prof. Lopez has saved everything of that class: essays, tests and even a video diary filmed together 15 years ago.
Lots of work, yet many of those kids never managed to finish school. A bitter defeat for the school and for those who dedicated themselves to it with passion.
Driven by that poem and by his memories, prof. Lopez feels the need to know what is left of those years spent together; so he goes in a search for his former students, who are now in their thirties. He brings as a present their essays he has saved for all this time. Reading them together, confessions, stories and school moments resurface and, almost magically, come to life again before our eyes: in the images of the video diary, they return teens full of excitement, ingenuity and enthusiasm for life.
Not everything, in these difficult years, has gone the right way. No one does the job the school has prepared them for. Perhaps the most beautiful discovery though is that each of them has grown in a different and unpredictable direction, finding the resources to reinvent themselves: Yari, Jessica, Lorenzo, Gianluca, Corinna, Alessio… Little by little, emerges an intimate portrait about destiny, between regrets and dreams, desires and illusions: navigating fragments of the past and the present between those tender and unruly pupils and their lives as adults, the story of one class among many sketches itself, and at times seems to trail the verses of a distant poem.