20 August 2019

Scattered Clouds (first feature)

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Scattered Clouds (Qualche nuvola)

Scattered Clouds (Qualche nuvola)

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35mm - colour

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Rome brings to mind ancient palaces full of charm. But tourists don’t go to where Diego lives even by accident. He was born in one of those blue-collar neighbourhoods on the margins of the city. He works for a construction company. He’s chosen bricks. He’s chosen Cinzia because they grew up together on the same floor. Cinzia has only had one alternative since she was a little girl: get married, have kids, look after the house. This step, which should be a private matter, isn’t in a place like this where everybody knows everything, even about the lives of others. But something out of the ordinary has to happen some time. Viola, the boss’s granddaughter, needs her home restoring and Diego, given his circumstances, steps up for the job. Viola belongs to another world; she lives in the historic centre, her life full of bars and openings, miles away from the suburbs and the building site. A kiss and all that distance between Viola and Diego melts in an instant. The wedding is a done deal, there’s no getting out of it. Diego has to say yes and it’s down to him to answer that difficult question. Can he say no to everybody? Can he destroy everything? What else is he looking for? On the other hand, he chose his destiny years ago. But he saw something outside of his everyday life and perhaps he can choose to forget. There are some clouds in the sky – they are clouds of dilemmas, of unconsidered choices, and of choices that someone else has made for us.