17 July 2019

Remember me? (second feature)

Once upon a time, at the front door of his therapist, the shy and weird Roberto (Edoardo Leo) meets the charming as well as ditsy Bea (Ambra Angiolini). He's a cleptomanyac and writes unfortunate fairytales (such as “The Forest of Frozen Hobos” or “Alice in Heartquackeland”) which scare to hell all the kids listening to them. She is an elementary school teacher, narcoleptic and suffering of sudden and unpredictable amnesia. For this reason she takes note of anything happening to her day by day in a big red book. Among petty theft and unexpected naps, escapes and chases, their relationship progresses and they finally fall in love. But one day, Bea faints again, loses her red book and can't remember anything. Including her life with Roberto...