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19 June 2019

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PerSo – Perugia Social Film Festival

5. Edition

PerSo – Perugia Social Film Festival

when:October 3rd - 13th, 2019
address:Fondazione La città del sole
Via XX Settembre 72
IT-06121 Perugia
tel:+39 075 5731265
deadline:April 30th, 2019
entry form:Submission at

The aim of the Festival is to portray all the different aspects and widest meanings of the Social world through the Cinema of the Real. The Festival is mainly focused on innovative documentary styles and their ability to merge different genres together, with the hope of getting vast audiences closer to the stories and the themes faced.
The festival presents five competitive sections (feature documentary in italian premiere, short documentary, italian feature documentary, documentary promo and social movies related to Umbria), total prize money 16.000 €, internationally known experts jury, masterclasses and special events.
Awards & Prizes
- PerSo Award to the best feature film: € 7.000,00
- PerSo Award - special mention: € 1.000,00
- PerSo Award to the best feature film: : € 1.000
- PerSo Cinema Italiano: € 2.000
- PerSo Lab Awards to the best Promo: € 2.000,00
- PerSo Short Award to the best short film: € 1.000,00
- PerSo Short Jail to the best short film (awarded by the prisoners’ Jury): € 1.000
- PerSo “Umbria in celluloide” to the best movie related to the Umbria region: € 1.000,00