Flesh Out (first feature)

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Flesh Out

Flesh Out

original title:


italian title:


directed by:


Verida Beitta Ahmed Deiche, Amal Saad Bouh Oumar, Aminetou Souleimane, Sidi Mohamed Chinghaly



Alex Braga


Vivo film, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBACT, in association with Films Boutique, with the support of Regione Lazio, Creative Europe, EWA Network





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Göteborg Film Festival 2020: Focus: Feminism
  • Annecy Cinema Italien 2019: ACI – Giovani
  • Appointment with the Italian Cinema in Istanbul 2019
  • Berlinale 2019: Panorama
  • BIF&ST – Bari International Film& Festival 2019: Nuovo cinema italiano in anteprima
  • BIFF - Bogotà International Film Festival 2019: Insumis@s
  • Durban International Film Festival 2019: Feature Films
  • Festival du Cinéma Italien de Montélimar - Le Teil 2019
  • Haifa International Film Festival 2019: New Italian Cinema
  • International Film Festival of India 2019: World Panorama
  • Jeonju International Film Festival 2019: Cinemafest
  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2019: Feature
  • Taipei Film Festival 2019: Future Lights
  • Tribeca Film Festival 2019: International Narrative Competition
  • Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2019: Panorama
  • Arab Film Festival 2019: Narrative Feature
  • Festival Avanti! Film Italien Contemporain 2019: Ciné-Decouverte
  • Festival du Film Arabe de Fameck 2019: Long-Metragen de Fiction
  • Mill Valley Film Festival 2019: World Cinema Film
  • Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival 2019: Narrative
  • Arab Film Series 2019: Panorama
  • Duhok International Film Festival 2019: World Cinema Feature Competition - Jury Award for The Best World Feature Film
  • Festival International du Film de Femmes de Salé - FIFFS 2019: Competition Long Métrage Fiction
  • Il Tempo delle Donne 2019: Panorama
  • Innsbruck Film Campus 2019: Panorama
  • Sciacca Film Fest 2019: Linea di Confine
  • Era Nowe Horizonty Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy 2019: Focus The Body in which I Live
  • Mantova Film Fest 2019: Concorso Opera Prima
  • Molise Cinema 2019: Paesi in Lungo
  • Bimbi Belli 2019: Concorso
  • Accadde Domani. Nuovo Cinema Italiano 2019: Panorama
  • Arena Cinema Europa 2019: Incontri con l'Autore
  • Coup de Coeur du Melies 2019: Panorama
  • Festival International du Film de La Rochelle 2019: Ici et Ailleurs
  • Fuoricinema Fuoriserie 2019: Panorama - Prize CheBanca!
  • Journées Pros des Cinémas 2019: Panorama
  • Sguardi Altrove 2019: Frameitalia - Audience Award, Prize FrameItalia
  • Ankara Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival 2019: Competition
  • Fare Cinema Seul 2019: Panorama
  • Festival de Cine UC 2019: Estrenos
  • Viaggio in Italia 2019: Panorama
  • Innsbruck International Film Festival 2019: Internationale Spielfilm - Wettbewerb - Best Film
  • Fare Cinema - Ankara 2019
  • Gallio Film Festival 2019: Best Direction
  • Ortigia Film Festival 2019: Best Film, Laser Film Prize
  • Premio Suso Cecchi d'Amico 2019: Best Screenplay
  • Asti Film Festival 2019: Prima Cosa Bella - Best Film

Verida is a modern girl. She works in a beauty salon, is addicted to social media and hangs out with her friends. Still, she is engaged to be married to a man chosen by her family, and like many girls her age, she is forced to gain a substantial amount of weight in a tradition called gavage, because in Mauritania having a voluptuous body is considered a sign of great beauty, charm, wealth and social status. The wedding is fast approaching and meal after meal Verida will end up challenging everything she always thought was normal, her loved ones, her life and not least her own body.