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In pre-production (07/11/2020)

Susan is an Italian-Syrian journalist reporting from Lebanon. Her urge to describe the war drives her to Syria, where on April 3rd 2013 she is kidnapped together with a Rai-TV crew. The Italians fall into captivity while a priest shows them how a church was devastated by fundamentalists. Suddenly members of Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda group fight¬ing against Assad, force them to their base. Suspected of being a spy for the Italian secret services, Susan is repeatedly interrogated by the leader of the brigade. After several days spent in severe psycho-physical conditions, Susan is taken to the brigade’s base camp where she is “ac¬commodated” in the austere home of Miriam, a twenty-year-old Tunisian wife of one of the militiamen. During her captivity, Susan witnesses the birth of ISIS with the joining of forces of Jabhat al-Nusra and other Is¬lamic groups. A unique story also develops in this house: four long days of cohabitation between an Isis woman and a European journalist. Here, Susan watches Miriam in her own world, studies her closely, and engag¬es in a long and unconventional reportage.

The words Islam, Arab, Middle East, have become associated with fear. A fear partially justified by the repeated Isis attacks on European and American soil: in France alone, Islamic extremism’s trail of blood has claimed 250 victims. Thanks to its secret services, Italy has never wit-nessed a terror attack. The figures change if we look at Italians abroad: in three years, 25 people have lost their lives under the axe of radical Islamism. These could also have included Susan Dabbous; Syrian father, Italian mother, brought up in Rome, journalist. Her passion for her pro-fession and for the Arab world led her to move to Lebanon in her early thirties with precarious freelance contracts to describe on the Web or on the print press what was happening in the area.