Io loro e Lara

Feeling alone and discouraged, a dedicated missionary suddenly yearns for the warmth and understanding of his loving family in distant Europe. Yet, when he returns after ten rich and intense years in Africa, the unsuspecting Carlo finds he is the completely ignored guest of what is more like a nightmarish mad house than his own fondly remembered childhood home.
His father is now married to his voluptuous minder while she has only eyes for an early inheritance. Carlo’s sister, though a psychoanalyst, seems to be completely submerged in a sea of her own imaginary problems, and their bankrupt brother is merrily hooked on more than just the volatile stock market...
By a twist of fate, the arrival of an enigmatic, beautiful and seductive girl in the house not only puts this shattered family, but also the missionary, to the test. Lara of a thousand facets, personalities, and secret lives, triggers a chain reaction in which, one after another, true identities are revealed and feelings explode. The members of the family confront one another to reproach, quarrel and accuse, but also try to understand and get to know each other, perhaps for the very first time ever.