Unlikely Revolutionaries

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Unlikely Revolutionaries (Figli delle stelle)

Unlikely Revolutionaries (Figli delle stelle)

Unlikely Revolutionaries (Figli delle stelle)

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35mm - colour

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A young dockworker from north-eastern Italy, a 30 year-old unemployed professor who makes ends meet by making pizzas, an ex-con just out of jail, a radical-chic revolutionary and an aspiring TV journalist. All of these characters, disillusioned with their lives and passionately opposed to politics, decide to kidnap a politician, to hold him for ransom and to donate the money to the widow of a workman killed in a work accident.
This hodge-podge group is totally incompetent and blunders the entire mission and instead of kidnapping the politician, capture an unknown under-secretary by mistake.
Stalked from all sides, incapable of handling ordinary life let alone conceiving the life of an outlaw, conscious of having kidnapped a good person but at the same time hyped-up by the adrenaline, our little group of ad-libbers will find itself at the heart of a difficult mission which will turn out to be impossible.
Figli delle stelle is about the incongruous cohabitation of a group of absurd kidnappers and an astonished small politician. The authors shed a bittersweet light on their characters, both funny and sentimental, and mix the tones in the story much like the Commedia Umana did. The result is a cross between the best Italian comedy in its kind, “I soliti ignoti” and the surreal comedy of the Coen brothers.