23 July 2019

The First Assignment (first feature)

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The First Assignment (Il primo incarico)

The First Assignment (Il primo incarico)

The First Assignment (Il primo incarico)

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Isabella Ragonese, Francesco Chiarello, Alberto Boll, Miriana Protopapa, Rita Schirinzi, Bianca Maria Stea Lindholm, Vijaya Bechis Boll, Antonio Fumarola, Antonia Cecere


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35mm - colour

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1953, South of Italy. A young woman, Nena, has to depart from her house, consequently to her first appointment of teacher. She feels sad, not because of leaving her mother and her sister, their relationship is strong, though if sometimes hard. Nena is unhappy because in her village she has an important love affair, in which she strongly believes. Her boyfriend, Francesco, is a young man belonging to the upper-middle class, who seems to love her sincerely. They promise to each other that nothing will change between them. She will be away just until June, then she could ask for a relocation. Thus she leaves, a bit sad, but also curious about her imminent experience. Yet what she finds differs from any of her expectations. She could not imagine such a desolated place. The school is isolated in the middle of a plateau, the children are uncivilized, Nena has nothing in common with the residents, the nature is hostile. She endures and resists, for she is proud, but also brave, and this is a reason for her boyfriend loves her too. She bears up, but, a cold day of February, everything plunges into the dark, seems to be lost forever… yet, it’s not like that, things never really go like that. Nena will found it out step by step…