Andiamo a quel paese

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Andiamo a quel paese

Andiamo a quel paese

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Roberto Sforza

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Salvo and Valentino are two friends who are out of work. They decide to leave the big city to make a new start in their small hometown, Monteforte, in Sicily, where the cost of living is lower and they can get by. Alas, the transition to this small-town dimension is anything but easy.
The pair find themselves living in an environment very different from their imaginings: a town full of elderly residents, that is. And yet, making a profit off the oldsters is not inconceivable. After all, every old person represents a pension, which makes the jobless duo’s mouths water...

When the producers asked us to make our fifth film, we hesitated: what we really had come up with was the sixth. The producers calmly pointed out that making a sixth film before the fifth was a bit of a gamble, and even smacked of presumption. So, still unsure, but with the comfort of their undeniable experience, we sat down to write the fifth. Despite our best efforts, though, it was the sixth film that kept popping up, everywhere we looked. When we just couldn’t fake it any longer, we rebelled against the world, the producers, and the most elementary rules of logic, and threw ourselves into film number six.
Out spilled all the characters onto the page in a twinkling, and they started running the show. A tense meeting with the producers ensued. “Guys, no one has ever made the sixth film before the fifth. It creates a dangerous precedent.” The end. But before we could get in the elevator, one of the producers yelled out: “Wait up, boys! No one’s forcing us to say this is film six! We can go ahead and make it and tell everyone it’s the fifth. Who will ever know the truth, anyway?”