21 August 2019


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Matteo Levi


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35mm - colour

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Dolby SRD

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PAZ! is a movie based on Andrea Pazienza’s comic books.
We are in Bologna at the end of the ‘70s.
Three characters share an apartment, without ever meeting, always just missing one another.
They are Pentothal, Enrico Fiabeschi e Massimo Zanardi, called Zanna. This is the story of 24 hours in the lives of these guys, from 4am to sunrise of the following day, as personal stories unfold –beginning and ending at the same time– in parallel worlds that share a same space.
Pentothal is a comic books writer, who works very little, and studies even less. He has been dumped by his girlfriend, Lucilla, a beautiful, hard-core feminist. Always wearing pyjamas and worn-out, untied clark shoes, he lives locked up in his room, feeling his life slip by him, among joints, dreams, and visions. His roommates, his acts… everything is as out of focus as his dreams and his true obsession: Lucilla are occurring mirage.
Enrico Fiabeschi doesn’t care about politics, and even less about love. He is kept by his girlfriend, Anna, who regularly and methodically has to lend him “five thousand lire”. Anna works, Fiabeschi doesn’t.
Massimo Zanardi, Roman nose and wolf’s eyes, is the third tenant in the apartment. A high school student who has not yet managed to graduate, he only has two friends, who, just like him, are still in high school. They are inseparable. One is Roberto Colasanti, called Colas (Matteo Taranto): rich and good-looking, he is a sex-machine, the silent type, but always present; the other one, Sergio Petrilli, is short, ugly, and poor to boot. Zanna, Colas, and Petrilli are accused by the school principal, Miss Corona, of crucifying her beloved cat, Galileo. Her only proof, Zanna’s address book, found by her in her garden. The attempt to recover the address book turns into a veritable detective story…

(Source: Rai Trade)