13th Edition


where:Salina, Isole Eolie
when:September 11th - 14th, 2019
deadline:June 15th, 2019
entry form:Online Submission

Why a documentary film festival in Salina? Because this isle is the center of the Aeolian islands, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Because it is the greener of the Aeolian Islands and most part of its territory is a natural reserve. Because the Aeolian Islands can be considered the real place for extraordinary cinema sets, as for the undisputed Maestri Roberto Rossellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Vittorio De Seta, Taviani Brothers and Nanni Moretti. And because Salina, since 1940, has a leading role in the history of Italian documentary. In fact, it is in Salina that, in 1946, the myth of Panaria Film was born, founded by Francesco Alliata, Fosco Maraini, Giovanni Mazza and Pietro Moncada that have told to the whole world of this corner of Mediterranean thanks to their documentaries.
Born in 2007, from an idea of Giovanna Taviani – in collaboration with the association “Salina Isola Verde”, that was aiming to a different touristic low season income and in synergy with both local institutions and local people – Salina DocFest has become the speaker and leader of a process that, in the last years, has transformed the form of narrative documentary in a genre of great popular impact. A success ratified by the triumphant affirmation of the documentary form in the palmares of the most important cinema festivals in the world. In the awareness that we can, we must, accompany the reality telling a story.
The re-birth of this genre has reached maturity: precise and focused, both from a technical point of view such as from the point of view of creativity and of the narrative structure, and – finally- from the point of view of the amount of people interested in this genre with competent skills.
The genre is constantly growing and, at the same time, the number of people interested in Salina Doc Festi is growing: journalists, enthusiasts of literature, cinema and theater, but also tourists, nature passionates as well as travellers and food lovers, and many more. The emotions and awesomeness of Salina Doc Fest intrigue and arouse curiosity, moreover, every category of age (from retired people to high school students).

  • Beautiful Things by Giorgio Ferrero: International Competition - Jury special mention

  • Happy winter by Giovanni Totaro: International Competition

  • Iuventa by Michele Cinque: International Competition

  • Samouni Road by Stefano Savona: International Competition

  • Two Sicilies by Alessandro Piva: Concorso Internazionale Madre Mediterraneo

  • Folder by Cosimo Terlizzi: In Competition - Jury Mention