24 June 2019

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Marche Film Commission

Marche Film Commission

address:Piazza Cavour, 23
IT-60121 Ancona
tel:+39 071 9951623

Marche Film Commission is an operative organization that functions within the Marche Region: its purpose is to promote its territory and its culture heritage, by developing film and TV productions on a regional basis.
We Do
* Preliminary enquiries
* assistance during shooting
* Screenplay reading and locations suggestions
* Locations database
* Location scouting
* Scouting assistance
* Database of production companies, services and professionals
* Local contacts for crew and facilities
* Facilities hospitality and lodgings
* Assistance with administrative procedures and direct contact with local institutions
* Individuation of economic support to productions
* Seeking of brands and sponsor contacts
* Funding and cash prizes opportunities and support to films that enhance the regional territory
* Direct contacts with local media before, during and after the shooting
* Press conference organization
* Regional Film Preview
* Regional Film Festival Presentation
Marche Film Commission handles all marketing for the entertainment industry, as well as the supply of locations, services and professional crew for movie and TV productions planning to film within its territory.
What does it offer:
180 km of coast, incredibly beautiful beaches, 26 locations which face the Adriatic sea, where one can go on a calm holiday, the marittime port of Ancona and 9 more touristic ports. 500 suqares, more than 1000 significant monuments, about 100 artistic cities, thoudands of churches, of which 200 Romanesque ones, 163 sanctuaries, 34 archeological sites, 71 historical theatres. The greatest Italian density of museums and picture galleries: 246 on 246 towns. 315 libraries with over 4 million books. Various protected areas: 2 national parks (M. Sibillini, Gran Sasso e M. della Laga), 4 regional parks (M. Conero, Sasso Simone e Simoncello, Monte San Bartolo, Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi), 3 natural reserves (Abbadia di Fiastra, Gola del Furlo e Montagna di Torricchio), 15 State owned forests.

Head of the Marche Film Commission: Raimondo Orsetti.
Collaboratos: Anna Olivucci, Laura Capozucca.

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