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20 June 2019

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The European First Film Festival of Angers

31st Edition

The European First Film Festival of Angers

where:Angers (France)
when:January 25th - February 3rd, 2019
address:54 rue Beaubourg
F-75003 Paris
tel:+33 (0) 1 42715370
fax:+33 (0) 1 42710111
deadline:October 5th, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

Premiers Plans Festival There has 4 Competitive Section: European First Feature Films, European First Short Films, French First Short Films, European Student Film. Awards given: 6 awards for feature films, 7 awards for short films, 4 awards for student films, 1 awards for scripts, 2 awards for young actors, 3 awards for original music for film.
European First Feature Films:
Approximately 10 first feature films, 20 first short films and 30 films from European film schools are selected for the competition. The Premiers Plans Festival competition is open to first or second feature films (French directors may only submit their first feature film), first short films (in 16mm or 35mm, a maximum of 59 minutes long, and not a student film), and to films directed by students attending a European film school or university. Animation films are accepted in all categories. Documentaries of less than 40 minutes are eligible only within the student film category. In the feature film category, a director's second film may be submitted, provided that the director is not French.
To be eligible, the films must be made by a European director, or produced or co-produced by a European production company. Europe is to be understood in its wider geographic definition, including the former Soviet Republics.

  • Il Figlio, Manuel by Dario Albertini: Competition - Jean Carmet Award to Andrea Lattanzi

  • La Finestra by Silvia Perra: Films d'écoles européens

  • The Baby by Ali Asgari: Films d’écoles européens

  • Heavenly Body by Alice Rohrwacher: Focus sur... Alice Rohrwacher

  • One Man Up by Paolo Sorrentino: Cinéma invisible

  • Vincere by Marco Bellocchio: Le Secret

  • The Wonders by Alice Rohrwacher: Focus sur... Alice Rohrwacher

  • Alì blue eyes by Claudio Giovannesi: En compétition - "Jean Carmet" Award for Best Actor

  • The Interval by Leonardo Di Costanzo: En compétition

  • The Little One by Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel: In Competition

  • Rita by Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza: Short Competition

  • Sunspots by Stella Di Tocco: Short Competition

  • GIGANTI by Fabio Mollo: European Film School

  • LAND WIND by Vincenzo Marra: In Competition, Best Actor Award (Vincenzo Pacilli)

  • PASSATEMPO by Francesco Lagi: Film d'E'coles Européens

  • Saimir by Francesco Munzi: Best Music Prize (Giuliano Taviani)